Heidi Osborne is an American singer/songwriter, pianist, and makeup artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her latest folk pop EP took her out to Cape Town, South Africa where she spent three months in creative migration; escaping the northern hemisphere’s winter; while working with Cosher studios’ producer Howard Edward. Travel has played a huge influence in her music, with many of her songs reflecting stories of people she’s met, places she’s been, the struggle of finding home within it all and ultimately overcoming hardships on the way. 

She grew up playing classical piano, while also playing and singing on many church worship teams. She studied music in college where she got her Associates Degree by the time she graduated high school. She then took wing to Australia at age 19 for two years. During that time she attended a film school which launched her into the wonderful world of scoring for short films, as well as dabbling into makeup artistry for film. She decided to delve into these crafts further through an audio production course in Montana, and a makeup artistry school in Chicago. She self produced a lot of music while working many different jobs to pay the bills.


She put the music dream aside for a few years while her makeup career took off. She works professionally doing makeup for film, commercial, print, runway, bridal and private clients (see http://heidiosborneartistry.com). She travels all over the country and world with her work, having been featured in Vogue Italia, Voyage Chicago, amongst others. Despite just beginning to taste success in the makeup industry, part of her heart never left her music.

Heidi works with local musicians and producers every time she travels to input their style into her music, giving it some international flare. In her EP NOMAD (2018), you’ll hear tastes of African beats, guitar riffs and backing vocals throughout this EP. It is a reflection of this journey, of friendship, love, loss, people's deep need for home, and believing that through everything in life, the struggles are only what make us stronger.  She hopes that through her stories people will feel empowered to believe that anything is possible.